5 Best Discord Servers To Make Gamer Friends

Are you a social butterfly? If so, this post can help you because we’ve written down a list of the Best Discord servers to make gamer friends. The Discord servers we have mentioned below have a huge collection of members to join, so take a look and increase your circle of friends.

Gaming can be fun with friends, especially on a fun platform like Discord. People with similar interests can join a Discord community and interact with other gamer friends. Apart from that, these Gaming servers help you get in touch with top gamers from across the world.

So, let’s not make you wait any further and get straight to the list of best discord servers to find gaming friends. Make the best friends and have a better gaming experience.

Is Discord An Ideal Way To Meet New People?

You will make many friends and connect with great people from across the world via Discord. It’s a place where you can gather and have a blast, and more importantly, you can make new friends. It’s also a fantastic platform for anime and game enthusiasts.

Best Discord Servers To Make Gamer Friends

Here are the top 5 best Discord servers to make gamer friends:

  1. Daddy
  2. Chill zone
  3. Weeb Empire
  4. Anime Soul Discord
  5. The Choco Bar

Let’s discuss these in-depth.

1. Daddy

The primary Discord server we’ve listed on the list of the best Discord servers to make gamer friends is Daddy. In the Daddy server, users can join a vast community of 244,680 users to rapidly expand their circle of friends.

Any time there are greater than 35,000 active users on the server, make sure that you won’t be bored. It’s an online social network, but it also has some other appealing options. The unique Voice channel is among the features. It is one of the 20 voice channels which can provide 60 members at one time.

If you’re looking to expand your reach, join Daddy by clicking the link.

2 ChillZone


ChillZone is among the largest and most popular Discord servers. 219,900 members are waiting for you to connect with. Unstructured conversations and non-stop are essential in the ChillZone server so that you will never be bored. The ChillZone server has 60,000 active members for you to talk to at any time of the day.

The most appealing thing about these people is that they don’t just remain active throughout the day and are active all the time, but are also interested in other things like anime, games, etc. There are many people of all ages on the ChillZone server, so there’s no age restriction and it is great discord servers to find gaming friends.

Therefore, if you’re seeking younger or more mature friends, you can sign up to ChillZone by clicking here.

3. Weeb Empire

Weeb Empires is an ideal server for making new friends and is one of the active servers on Discord.

If you’re an avid fan of anime, games, and so on, you don’t need to go any further because you will meet people with the same interests and passions. The site is an anime-related hub that has approximately 90,000 members. Thirty thousand active members, constantly waiting to join them as a best friend.

So, join in with friends, meet new people, chat about anime, games, and anime. I’m not here to make judgments.

It is possible to join Weeb Empire from here.

4. Anime Soul Discord

Anime Soul Discord

If you’re an anime lover, this is the most popular Discord Server for you as you will be able to make new friends who are fans of the same genre as you do. This server aims to gather all anime lovers and discuss interesting details regarding one of the more fascinating worlds, the animated world.

Anime Soul has an enormous community of around 47k users. If you’re trying to find friends who are fans of anime, then Anime Soul Discord is the ideal way to go.

Join Anime Soul Discord from here.

5. Choco Bar

The last one on the list of the best Discord Servers to make gamer friends is Choco Bar.

Choco Bar is a very random social media channel. Contrary to many of the channels in our list that have a specific focus, the primary goal of this channel is to bring people together to chat about random things. Therefore, everyone can join regardless of what they are interested in due to this.

But there are some subjects that the majority of members discuss in the group, including literature, fashion, art, and politics. If you’re attracted to these subjects, you are welcome to join the group. 

If you want to join The Choco Bar, click here.

How To Increase The Number Of Following On Discord?

To add a friend, you need open the Discord application on your smartphone and then click on the Friends tab from the bottom menu. You’ll see the list of your friends and their offline or online status. To add a friend to Discord, you need to click on the add Friend icon located in the upper-right corner.

Wrap Up

I hope we’ve been able to expand your gaming network and will help you make exciting and interesting new acquaintances.

Tell us which one of these Best Discord Servers To Make Gamer Friends you liked the most. Share the post with your gamer friends as well!

Happy Gaming With Friends!


How Can I Make Discord Friends?

The Top Discord Servers for Making Friends
Chill Zone Server.
Anime Soul Discord Server.
Choco Bar Server Choco Bar Server.
The Daddy Server.
Weeb Empire Server.
Frog Dream World Server.
Quantum Labs Server.
Dank Trades Server.

Is Discord An Ideal Way To Meet New People?

You can make many friends and meet amazing people from across the globe on Discord. Discord is a platform where you can gather and have fun, and most importantly, you can make new friends. It’s also a fantastic platform for anime and game enthusiasts.

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