5 Best Discord Servers For Anime With Their Invite Links!

Being able to have a few people with whom you can chat about your hobbies and interests is certainly a thing that is sought-after by the vast majority. But what else can you offer anime lovers? You might think that making the trip in a roundabout way to Japan to experience the ground zero of anime is a fantastic idea. But what if you get to enjoy all that sitting at home? Yes, this is possible using the Best Discord servers for Anime mentioned below.

There are many websites and chat communities that are devoted to anime. But they are not moderated, and you may fall into an unending rabbit hole of sexually explicit content. If this is the type of thing that you’re into, then fine, but this article is centered on anime. For more details, you can simply join some of the best anime Discord servers.

If you’re a novice or an otaku or an avid anime lover, this article will help you determine whether the Discord community is worthy of your time and effort. The Best Discord Servers for Anime mentioned below are handpicked as per recommended by top Discord users. If you also wish to spend some quality time on Discord and meanwhile grow your community, then keep reading till end.

Best Discord Servers For Anime

If you are an anime lover, then these anime Discord servers will surely excite you. You can join any of these to engage with people with similar interests. Grow your Discord community with the best Discord servers.

1. Anime Soul/ We Love Anime

 Anime Soul/ We Love Anime

Animation Soul (WLA)Formerly known as We Love Anime, Anime Soul is the largest and most popular anime Discord server you can join. The server itself is Twitch-affiliated and for the right reason. There are plenty of accommodating and friendly people to talk to as well as ask queries. 

This is particularly helpful for me since I am not knowledgeable about the hottest anime topics. The moderators are excellent, and the channels are specially tagged to your specific needs. A special filter is in place to ensure no swear words are allowed in chat. This is a simple thing to do, given the strict guidelines for community members apply to members.

The server is not limited to anime only. It also offers channels dedicated to sports, gaming, food, and diverse genres you can participate in. They also host contests and contests. Of course, Anime Soul’s primary passion is discussing the newest anime and manga series and visual novels. If you’ve got an insatiable passion for all things animation, Anime Soul is your Mecca.

Link To Join: Anime Soul

2. No Game, No Life – Anime & Gaming

No Game No Life

Not to be mistaken for their sister server The No Game No Life – Roleplaying The NGNL-A server which is a lively anime Discord server with friendly voices and warm welcoming messages. The guidelines for community members are broken down into pledges, similar to guidelines, which detail the rules that the community follows. Gaming is a significant issue on the server, with the most prominent being Apex Legends.

The server was particularly friendly to me after I revealed the truth about not being even a fan of anime and received a nice surprise. Of course, being a gaming enthusiast could have helped in all my conversations. Discussions don’t stop at the gaming or anime world since they also have programming, photography, and even roleplay channels.

There are regular events that are mainly centered on anime and gaming and holiday-specific events that you can take part in. The Discord server was definitely my favorite, probably due to the overall friendliness of the participants. I suggest you give the service a shot regardless of whether you are either a Weeb or not. No doubt it’s one of the Best Discord Servers For Anime.

Link to join: No Game No Life – Anime And Gaming

3. The Anime Discord (TAD)

 The Anime Discord (TAD)

It is another highly-regarded anime Discord server, in the same way as the two previous ones. The Anime Discord hosts a decently large member list with its own rules and regulations and an intriguing take on the ranks of members referred to by the Roles.

The roles are based on phrases related to one’s passion or fascination with anime and popular culture. The character starts as a normie trying to get through roles like Weeabo and Otaku until you get the sought-after Kami.

The Anime Discord has several collaborations to increase its standing within the anime community, but it depends heavily on its members to ensure that the server is active. There’s a gaming channel to discuss gaming, another for those with creative minds to showcase their artistic talents, and an image-sharing channel of tasty food that is appropriately called #Food-Porn.

Link to join: The Anime Discord

4. Seven Seas 

Seven Seas

If you’re more interested in Japanese emojis than simple animation, The Seven Seas has covered you. While its existence is based on its users’ love for anime in general, Emojis that are offered are what give the Discord server its enduring power.

The majority of channels on the server are identical to the ones on other servers. There’s a separate roleplay channel and off-topic channels to chat about other popular subjects. Each channel has a personality created by the people who are part of the community.

Seven Seas is a great option for those who aren’t yet able to find their place among the other anime lovers. Also, it’s one of the Best Discord Servers For Anime.

Link to join: The Seven Seas

5. KawaiiBot Hangout

 KawaiiBot Hangout

The KawaiiBot Hangout server was developed in the first place to serve as the official web server for Kawaii Bot. Kawaii Bot. If you’ve ever utilized the Kawaii bot, then you’re aware of its existence. Those who haven’t experienced the bot’s services will appreciate this info.

KawaiiBot Hangout isn’t just a Discord server that is dedicated to the bot it hosts but also a home for numerous other otakus just like you. Are you interested in anime? There are many members with a love for anime. Are you looking for a relaxed atmosphere and great people? KawaiiBot Hangout has that in abundance.

If you have your own servers and would like to get involved with the Kawaii bot, You can find all the assistance and details you need within KawaiiBot Hangout. Invite the bot to your server, and then watch as it transforms into something that is worthy of a fan of anime or roleplay.

It includes a variety of useful commands, such as +hug and +kiss. To convey your emotions to visitors and your friends. You can easily transform it into a channel for sharing your feelings with friends and visitors.

Link to join: Kawaiibot Discord

To Sum Up

As you can see, the majority of my list is comprised of the most well-known servers that are available, and for well-founded reasons. They’re loved by everyone who resides there. Some servers are more effective than others, and I’d be able to list many servers. But, even the smallest servers might have the fun and comradery that one on this list has, and more.

There isn’t an anime Discord server that can outdo the others to satisfy everyone. You must get experience and decide to determine if the server you are using is where you’d like to be. It can be challenging, hence the necessity of an article like this one is felt.

We tried our best to provide you with what we believe to be the best anime Discord servers you can choose. All you need is a little time, and the reward may be the realization of experiences you’ve been seeking since the beginning.

Do not assume that the presence of larger servers means it isn’t a close-knit community, in case that’s your goal. The greater the number of people you’re exposed to in these communities, the greater the chance of finding people who are fluent in your anime or something like that. Enjoy your hunt.


Q. What Is The Most Reliable Server To Stream Anime?

Netflix. It’s the best choice to watch for Anime Beginners.
Hulu. The best for Classics.
Funimation. The best choice for anime Enthusiasts.
Crunchyroll. It is the best for anime-related subs.
VRV. The Best for Anime Addicts.

Q. Is There An Anime Discord Specifically For Anime?

With more than 600,000 members, Anime Soul is the largest and most active Discord server for anime fans. The server itself is Twitch-affiliated, and it’s not hard to understand the reason. Many friendly and knowledgeable people can be reached to discuss and inquire about this.

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