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Are you in search of Discord Emoji Servers? If you are looking for the top 10 best Discord server for emojis then don’t move, because we have got what you want! In this post, we will be discussing the best Discord servers for emojis which will offer you amazing emotes like no other server.

If you desire to utilize super cool emojis other than Discord’s usual set of emojis then being a member of the best and authentic emoji Discord server is the ideal way to achieve the same. By using different and unique emojis you can bring up new ideas and maintain your persona in the channel through the recent ones which were added. We will be exploring and discovering multiple servers which offer its members sets, so don’t worry and sink in with us and find out the dedicated server in which you are interested to explore.

There are many other servers that offer you emojis but we have brought you the top 10 best Discord server for emojis, finely selected and top-rated. Here are a few of the servers which we are picking to discuss: Outer Space Server, Cute and Aesthetic Emoji, Nitro Emojis, Nine Clouds, and more. You have to reach out to your favorite emoji Discord server yourself 

This post is nothing but a collection of top 10 emoji Discord servers with their features and offerings for you, sounds exciting? Then go no further and get started with the post!

Best Discord Server For Emojis 

Discord is known as a communication platform mainly for content creators and gamers for creating content and playing amazing games. Discord lets their users interact with each other via video and audio calls, text messages, sharing of files, social media features and most commonly through gaming. Emojis are an exciting and joyful part of the entire interaction process on Discord. You are allowed to access animated emojis on Discord to pass on your feelings, reactions, vibes, emotions and many more! Exciting right? So to access these amazing emojis find your favorite server first and for that, go through the post on top 10 best Discord server for emojis. You will get all the required data at one place.

These days, Discord emojis have become famous among players. The gamers use top 10 best Discord server for emojis, emotes, emoticons and gifs to deliver the information as soon as possible while playing a multiplayer game and being on a chat or a video call simultaneously!
Here is the list of handpicked top 10 best Discord server for emojis:

1. Emote Central

Emote Central is a bot that stands at first in the list of top 10 best Discord server for emojis and has an amazing set of customized emojis for its members to select from. If you want the latest and unique collection of emojis to try your hands-on, then you should definitely give Emote Central a try. 

The server includes a few funny meme channels to enjoy and pass your time with, in addition to there are many GIFs that may create reactions that you might add to your chats on the other servers according to your choice.

2. Nitro Emojis

Nitro Emojis offer more than 200 modified emojis and emoticons straight, isn’t it amazing! Nitro Emojis is mostly popular for providing their users a number of options to select from, which is a difficult task! If you’re really into emojis then this server definitely would not disappoint you.

Many of the users found the selection process a little bit difficult because of such a wide variety of emojis given by Nitro Emojis. We found this server unique and exciting and capable enough to be in one’s customized emoji’s server checklist. If you are still not convinced then you should give it a try yourself and examine it!

3. Cute And Aesthetic Emoji

You will find different varieties of emojis but if you are seeking cute, aesthetic and beautiful emoji, then we suggest you join the Cute and Aesthetic Emoji Discord Server tomorrow only. This server has a unique collection of aesthetic and cute emojis. Doesn’t matter if you are in need of cute emojis to deliver your feelings or aesthetic emotes to impress your friends with your rare collection, you will get all of it at one place with an impressive quality and quantity.

This server is having a welcoming community for you all, so stop your search and switch on the chill mode. You can add more fun to your Discord life by adding Cute and Aesthetic Emoji to your server. 

4. is the official server of website which involves an ultimate range of custom emotes for its members to engage with. If you become a member while having a Nitro then you will be able to use their amazing collection of emoji for you to make other uses out of it in other servers. You can also access these while directly messaging anyone or while communicating on Discord. This server also includes a community that is highly appreciated for its activity status in which you can also participate!

To begin with, you just need to add the server and then use the vast variety of emojis which are there for you, accessible by tapping on the emote option in the text box and scrolling through the tab.

5. NitroMoji

It is a widely popular server among the Discord users for its set of custom emotes. In addition, the list of these emotes are updated on a daily basis. If you are searching for trending and latest emojis then keep this server in your mind as this server does not have any emoji limit like some of the other servers have. 

6. Blue’s Community

This community serves fun to its members by offering 200+ emojis with more than 30 bots for you to utilize and engage. Overall this is a unique server and it’s an amazing experience to try these bots out! You can also explore a few of the cool bots you will be interested in joining. 

Blue’s Community also has Nitro giveaways for you, and because of the amazing features and active community you would definitely be interested in adding it to your servers.

7. Nine Clouds

Nine Clouds is popular for its friendly and cool community’s environment for you to hangout with the other server members. You can also get the authorization to use a lot of super cute emotes. Nine Clouds has a wide variety of amazing emojis available on the server, so end your search for aesthetic emoji ideas, and join this server and become a member!

Cherry on the pie, Nine Clouds also serves an amazing range of aesthetic fonts to its members, so you get aesthetic font inspiration too! So if you or any other member friend is seeking for cool aesthetic font ideas then you can recommend them to this server. We’d seriously suggest you add this bot to your server as this bot contains a number of important things in just one server, like aesthetic fonts and custom emojis.

8. Animazing

This is the spot for anime emoji seekers, if you are one of them then you are at the right place. Having a vast variety of anime emoticons and emojis, this server is winning hearts of all the anime lovers on Discord. Being an anime lover Animazing should be your go-to server if you want to have an interesting conversation with the other anime lovers or in other servers or in direct messages with other members too by using these anime emojis.

A number of animated emojis are always available on the server which is always amazing. Use these emojis to spice up your conversations and to add a fun dimension to your communication skills. This is an aesthetic themed server and is an amazing server to engage on with your loved ones, so if you are in search of an active community with a super collection of aesthetic emotes, we would definitely recommend this server!

9. Outer Space Server

Outer Space Server offers a vast array of universe emoji for its members to select from, along with many other fantastic features for you! If you are an outer space based fun seeker, looking for a global-themed bot to add to its server, then we must say, Outer Space Server is the best one for that purpose! You will find a very welcoming and entertaining aura in the Outer Space Server.

We have discovered many cool emotes which are the best for creating and sending reactions to your other members. For example, a number of great global emojis are in this server, counting the commonly used custom emojis too! Including multiple opportunities to make use of them and share with others.

10. Milk And Mocha Emotes

End the search for amazing Milk and Mocha Emotes, and then go for this server, we assure you that you would not regret this. 

The reason is that Milk And Mocha Emotes serves a fantastic variety of cool and impressive emojis. These emojis are all in one pack for the dedicated user and are super amazing as whole.

If you want to impress somebody on Discord with Milk and Mocha emoji interests or aesthetic emotes then we must say according to the stats Milk and Mocha Emotes should be your first priority among other aesthetic emoji servers. These emojis will strike at the first sight with it’s cuteness and would transfer your feelings with lovely emotions in DMs.

Wrapping Up

Discord is known for its group chatting facilities and many more. It was designed specially for the gaming players in order to play games along with chatting and voice commands. Discord has servers and their specific users with it, channels, topics and rules. For instance, a channel is meant to function video calls and another is for sharing social media content etc. It is a competition to all big platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

Hoping that the above described servers are of your choice as they were rated among the top 10 best Discord server for emojis. The users on Discord found these servers cool, unique and amazing discord. We have discussed a few of the top 10 best Discord server for emojis for your help and if it is useful to you and you want us to explore more such servers for you, then please use the comment section to let us know. 

We would highly recommend this post on top 10 best Discord server for emojis, if you are searching for any of these then make sure to guld the above given data and add the servers for gaming or gaming related events on Discord or if you have any personal suggestions too, then we’re always on the search for amazing and exciting Discord servers. 


Q1. How To Find Cute Emojis On Discord?

Ans. If you want to use custom emojis and emoticons, you will be needing Discord Nitro which then needs a monthly subscription. Although, if you don’t want to subscribe to Nitro for any reason, make sure you read the above mentioned section including all the data related to aesthetic emoji serving every user on Discord in Discord’s default emoji section.

Q2. Where You Can Get The Emojis For Discord Servers On The App?

Ans. Now you are also allowed to access the mobile applications to add emojis and for the same, follow the given steps:

  1. Launch your Discord application on your device (iOS/Android).
  2. Select the Discord server you wish to add the custom emojis to and next click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Click on the Settings button.
  4. Head to the Emoji section right after that.

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