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Discord’s creators chose to change its name as the company starts to branch out outside of gaming. Two key manifestations of this were a new font and a small modification to the logo. But, when it comes to Discord new font vs old font, many gamers are crying to get the old font back. Why? We will show you. 

Of course, any alteration to the brand of something as well-known as Discord would inevitably encounter opposition, especially when you take into account the sense of community that surrounds it. But, this time the resistance went too far. Discord’s new gg Sans font is not only accepted but Booed in the gaming world. Have you compared Discord new font vs old font? 

Discord new font vs old font! The old Discord font was more Whitney and basically, the font style was Uni Sans. However, when the new gg Sans font was introduced to Discord, many Discord users were not very pleasant. And now, they are comparing Discord new font vs the old font and unfortunately, the new font is not the winning team here. 

Let’s explore the article and learn more about the controversy: Discord new font vs old font! 

Discord New Font Vs Old

Discord new font vs old font – the discussion is quite a misery if you follow the Twitter highlights. Although many of the Discord users had faith in the developers and waited patiently for a great change that will ease them on the Discord channel; however, not prized correctly. They never get what the developers promised. Let’s discuss the changes that are creating such a big deal among gamers. 

Discord Old Font: Uni Sans Font

While discussing Discord new font vs old font, you should learn the features of Uni sans Font. The default typeface used across the Discord platform is Uni sans. The weights range from light to heavy, and they can be utilized in a variety of ways. With 14 different weights, it is quite adaptable and can be made as you like. You may play around with this typeface because it features seven uprights, seven italics, and weights.

The amazing thing about this Discord typeface is that it provides excellent performance at all levels and excellent legibility. The Uni sans font has a distinctive style of its own, but it also has some characteristics with other fonts like DIN and Dax-Uni sans, which are all very powerful typefaces.

Uses for this font family include logos, headlines, and text blocks that require a robust font. It can be used for a variety of applications, including web design, computer animation, and branding initiatives like t-shirt design as well as similar usage.

Discord Old Font: gg Sans Font

While discussing Discord’s new font vs old font, you should learn more about the origin of gg Sans font. Discord started using the new, unique font, gg sans, on all of its surfaces as of December 1, 2022. Everything will use gg sans as its typeface, including our website, blog, and mobile and desktop apps for Discord.

With this modification, Discord now has the freedom to modify our font going ahead in order to give you the greatest possible experience on Discord. This new typeface, gg sans, has the lowercase “g,” one of our favorite letters, and pays homage to our gaming roots. On our platform, the term “good game” is usually abbreviated as “gg.” Using discord.gg in any of our shared connections is also ingrained in the fabric of our business.

Discord New Font Vs Old – Differences And The Controversy 

On Thursday, Discord debuted the redesigned appearance on Twitter, to mixed reactions from users. The logo has seen the fewest alterations, with the exception of joining the primary face, which has a squared-off shape, with the top portion of the icon.

The logo’s titular character, Clyde, no longer resides in a rounded rectangle. Discord said that after going through multiple revisions, the new icon design was chosen. Every time you open the app, the new Clyde’s face will change and it will also be able to emote. Additionally, the background now has a stronger purple hue. But the greatest and most contentious adjustment has been the font. 

According to Discord, the new font is a custom creation based on Ginto. One of the initial responses to this Tweet made fun of the design, implying that it was created by amateur creators, which is a common critique of a number of recent items, including the logo for the upcoming Loki show on Disney+.

Additionally, there are several memes and articles ridiculing every aspect of the design on the Discord Reddit page. Since then, the community has only spoken about this one topic. The craziest one I’ve seen compares the new logo to John Walker and the previous design to Steve Rogers’ Captain America!

Wrapping Up

Now that we are concluding the article Discord new font vs old font, hope, you got a basic understanding of the key differences between the Discord new font and old font. Most of the Discord users are very impatient and asking to revert this upgrade immediately. What about you? Let me know your thoughts on the controversy about Discord new font vs old font in the comment section. Follow TopHillSport for more updates on Discords. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Did Discord Font Change?

Do I have a stroke or did Discord alter the font on Windows? sans gg The New, Customized Font in Discord Discord will start using our new, unique font, gg sans, on all of its surfaces as of December 1, 2022.

Q2. What Happened To The Discord Font?

On December 1, 2022, Discord will begin to alter the font across all of its interfaces. In the weeks that follow this date, Discord should start using the new font. You might need to reload the Discord desktop and mobile applications or make sure they are updated to the most recent version in order to notice the change.

Q3. What Is The Original Discord Font?

Discord utilizes the “Uni Sans” typeface by default, and you can only change the font size, not the font style. Go to “User Settings” and choose the “Appearance” button to change the font size in Discord’s mobile and desktop clients.

Q4. Is Betterdiscord Better Than Discord?

BetterDiscord is regarded as an unauthorized application that violates Discord’s Terms of Service. It’s also reported to have issues that could possibly cause your Discord client to crash. Your account can be banned from accessing Discord if they learn that you are employing this third-party application.

Q5. Is Betterdiscord Not Allowed?

Yes. By altering the client, BetterDiscord breaches Discord’s terms of service, however, there is no proof that Discord is concerned or takes action against users who do so. Using BetterDiscord by itself carries no risk to your account.

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