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To automate tasks on Discord servers, are you looking for the finest Discord bots? Are you interested in Discord features that encourage user interaction and improve their experience? Have you tried Discord bots before? It’s time to start with welcome discord bots. 

The easiest approach to give the Discord server’s new users a personalized touch whenever they join is to employ the welcome Discord bots. The welcome bot can display pre-written messages to users, and you can also include self-assignable roles with these welcome messages.

Several bots display the pre-written welcome message. Some of these bots create welcome greetings for their Discord members while others are general-purpose and moderating bots. Let’s discuss the best welcome discord bots you can employ to greet new users.

Best Welcome Discord Bots For Welcome Messages

Here are the 10+ best welcome discord bots just to boost your server experience: 

Mee6 bot

Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_Mee6

Mee6 bot is one of the greatest moderation bots that may be used for a variety of tasks. You may send welcome messages to users, build a leveling system on the discord server, set custom commands, play music in the voice channel, and do many other things with the assistance of the Mee6 bot. And the Mee6 dashboard can be used to accomplish all of this. One of the most well-liked welcome discord bots is Mee6, which has the ability to generate data about significant occurrences and add a poll.

Carl Bot

Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_carl

For controlling and monitoring your discord server, Carl bot is a brilliant discord bot. The Carl bot can be used to establish the roles and duties of members and allocate them. It can retain a record of all discussions that take place on a specific Discord server. 

The primary purpose of the Carl bot is to welcome new users. Carl Bot can also be used to set reaction roles. The users can genuinely choose their own reaction roles because they are self-assignable. The welcome message is primarily utilized with the reaction roles. Carl Bot is therefore a welcoming bot in Discord that fits the bill perfectly.


Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_tatsu

Tatsu Bot is a multi-functional and one of the best Welcome Discord bots that offers logging, leveling, economy, and moderating. You can specify a personalized welcome message and a farewell message for users that join and leave your server using the Tatsu bot as a welcome bot. You can utilize the reaction role included with this bot when configuring the welcome message in the discord server.


Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_probot

Probot is a discord bot that enables the owner of a discord server to set up welcome messages. As a result, Probot would greet everyone trying to join the server for the first time. The Probot can assist in setting up reaction roles like to the Carl Bot in addition to greetings. The welcome message may provide information on the reaction roles.

One of the greatest discord bots for moderating, aside from a welcome message, is Probot. You can use Probot to warn someone about their inappropriate behavior, and if they continue, you can automate Probot to ban or kick them if necessary.


Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_helper

Discord can serve businesses in addition to players, despite its image as a gaming platform. Additionally, there are bots like Helper.gg that can be helpful for individuals that need to offer customer care.

To get the proper individuals to see the issue, you can use this bot to tag particular channels and servers. Its capability allows your staff to organize tickets and close them after your customers’ issues have been resolved. The commands and messages that users can see and utilize can be altered. It’s one of those products that can improve the effectiveness of your customer service division.


Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_tip

The idea behind Tip.cc is straightforward. You can use cryptocurrencies to pay tips on your Discord server. Thus, this bot might assist you if you wish to have an extra source of income. It has entertaining games to help you engage your followers and supports over 228 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, there are tools accessible for people who enjoy mining or trading cryptocurrencies.

Even people who are new to cryptocurrency can join in on the fun and activity thanks to the features’ friendliness. If you want to tip, there are no requirements or costs. And you are free to repeat this as often as you desire.


Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_arcane

Arcane is a moderating bot that gives server users the option to earn XP and incentives by using a levelling system. Additionally, it functions in voice chat as well as text-based chat. Arcane automatically keeps track of both new and departing members. It keeps spammers at bay. A disruptive user in your conversation can be muted, warned, kicked, banned, or otherwise dealt with.

For those who have a large following on YouTube, this bot is fantastic. There is a function that instantly alerts Discord users when a new video is posted. This bot’s premium edition may notify Discord subscribers for up to 10 channels.

Dank Memer

Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_dank

Consider including the Dank Memer bot on your list if you want a lively Discord community. With the help of this bot, users can add a meme to an ongoing chat.

Additionally, Dank Memer makes it simple for you to make your own memes. Users can steal or gamble coins from other users using the Dank Memer’s system of currency. The stuff from the meme shop or a fun online game can both be purchased with the money.

Your server is more entertaining with the Dank Memer bot. To determine if it works well for your Discord channel, you should give it a try.


Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_RPG

An entertaining bot to add to your Discord server is IdleRPG. Why? You can use this bot to play a text-based role-playing game inside of Discord. The system is intriguing. Users have the option to make their own characters and embark on quests. You can purchase stuff, form a party, and communicate with other players, just like in any RPG. Even getting married is an option.

You begin by giving your character a name and choosing a class. You can train to be a raider, ritualist, warrior, wizard, thief, ranger, or paragon. You can then immediately dive in and begin having fun.

Community Hubs

Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_hubs

A tool called Community Hubs facilitates communication between Discord servers. The goal is to establish a location where people may exchange information via various means. This is a nice bot to employ if you want to interact with users outside of your channel.

It benefits more than just gaming channels. Additionally, it is excellent for enterprises. Community Hubs can be used to transmit media across many channels. This bot can simultaneously stream your show to both of your company’s communities if you have two but your live stream is relevant to both.

Double Counter

Welcome Discord Bots for Welcome Messages_counter

Double Counter differs from other Discord moderation tools in that it stops users from joining your server using multiple accounts. It checks new members’ identities and looks up their IP addresses to see if they have multiple accounts. Therefore, if a user is banned from the server, they are unable to log back in with an alternate account.

To distinguish people, this bot also uses additional factors like cookies. Additionally, it has the ability to block VPN users, preventing re-entry attempts. You’ll need a Discord bot like Double Counter to keep users in check if they’ve been spamming your Discord server using various usernames.

Wrapping Up

Discord bots are in trend. It’s hard to imagine your tech live without using music Discord bots, Discord bots on Netflix, or rather I say welcome discord bots. Wish to know more about the discord bots? Let us know in the comment section. 


Q1. What bot is best for welcome messages?

One of the most well-known and well-liked Discord moderation bots is MEE6. On the other hand, more than 800,000 Discord servers employ the well-liked moderating bot Dyno. A relatively recent Discord moderation bot called ProBot also has auto-response, anti-raid protection, and welcome bot messages.

Q2. What are some fun bots for Discord?

Depending on how you define fun, it might vary. There are several bots available in Discord that will suit various personality types. Therefore, there is a Discord bot that is ideal for you regardless of whether your friends enjoy playing games, listening to music, having fun with memes, talking about anime, or engaging in other similar activities.

Q3. What is the best Discord moderation bot?

On the list of the top Discord bots for moderation, MEE6 ranks quite high. However, that is not your only choice. ProBot and Double Counter both have specific Discord moderating tools, so you can also give them a look.

Q4. Is MEE6 the best bot?

Currently, MEE6 is the most popular bot on Discord. Therefore, it may be said that it is the best Discord bot available. However, each bot is unique. Everything depends on the features you’re looking for. For instance, several games with an anime theme are regarded by some as the finest bots on Discord.

Q5. What Discord bots do welcome messages?

The multifunctional Discord bot Welcomer is best recognized for its ability to customize welcome visuals. There are other additional features in this bot. Welcomer isn’t your average robot. The most well-known image welcome bot is this one.

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