Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT? A Comprehensive Guide 2023!

Temptation kills self-control! If you are a student or writer who is in a hurry to meet deadlines, the first thought that crosses your mind would be using ChatGPT. And your second thought would be, can Turnitin detect ChatGPT if you seek help from it? Well, that’s why we are here, to put rest to your fears! 

ChatGPT chatbot is the most picked tool for all students and writers, according to recent reports. And why not? ChatGPT is helping students in almost everything, be it writing essays, preparing reports, or solving math equations, but for once, teachers are not worried! They have their own ways of detecting plagiarised content. So if ChatGPT is your pick too, then you must think twice, and be sure whether can Turnitin detect ChatGPT or not! Otherwise, it will stain your reputation and ruin your career. 

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Yes, Turnitin detect ChatGPT by providing Similarity Score and Originality Report that will help in detecting AI-generated text including ChatGPT. Turnitin’s AI detection capabilities have improved significantly in recent years, and it is now able to detect ChatGPT-generated text with a high degree of accuracy. However, there are still some ways to bypass Turnitin’s AI detection, such as by paraphrasing the text, using citations, and avoiding common plagiarism triggers.

With the advancement of AI technology integrating so rapidly into our lives, professors got worried that kids may use AI writing tools to produce unoriginal work. But these worries are unfounded because of the technology behind Turnitin.

Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

Yes, Turnitin detects ChatGPT by providing a Similarity Score and Originality Report that will help in detecting AI-generated text, including ChatGPT. If a few years back, someone had told you that you’ll be able to write or prepare anything without any research in just a matter of seconds, you would have laughed at his face. But, this imagination is turning into a dark reality. Not for the students, though!

turnitin launches AI Writing Detection tools

ChatGPT effectively generates various kinds of college and school assignments in a matter of minutes! It was clear from ChatGPT’s rising popularity among students that students are relying on it more often than they ought to. So, professors and educators had to rely on AI text detection by Turnitin in order to be sure Chat GPT could be detected. So, the first to-go tool was Turnitin,  but it was not able to detect ChatGPT written text earlier. Now according to recent updates, Turnitin is able to detect ChatGPT.

According to Turnitin, now their technology is able to distinguish between writing that is produced and supported by AI, such as ChatGPT.  The reports say that now it includes a new feature; an AI writing indicator that will highlight any potential AI-generated content. 

Their flagship tool, Turnitin Originality, is designed to carefully assess the originality of student work and can detect specific forms of writing that have been helped by artificial intelligence.

Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

Turnitin AI report

Yes, Turnitin detects ChatGPT if you copy-paste the content. Because ChatGPT can’t bring authentic data as the AI language model can only generate content depending on what is filled into the program. However, this is absolutely true if you are filling in copied content from any other source, then you will be getting what you have entered into the system.

For instance, if you entered something related to “Why the sky is blue”, and copied a paragraph about something related to the keyword and pasted it into ChatGPT to generate outcomes, the resulting content provided by the AI will also include the text was copied and pasted into the system of Turnitin Chat GPT.

This is because the data entered into the program is already copied from some other source, which generates content that includes copied texts on Turnitin ChatGPT.

How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

How does Turnitin detect ChatGPT

The main purpose of Turnitin is to prevent and prevent students from plagiarizing. So, it provides a Similarity index and originality report to support its identification. 

Teachers and lecturers have the option of uploading an assignment directly to the Turnitin website or submitting it via the university’s online learning platform. Then, as per the given due date, students are required to upload and submit their separate tasks online. Once the students are done with the submission of their assignments, the Turnitin Checker will get the ball rolling. It will analyze and examine each and every sentence of the entire submitted work to detect the plagiarised text and provide references that match the original source. 

 In its latest developments, Turnitin’s capability to detect AI-written content has advanced. Now Turnitin provides:

  1. Similarity Score
  2. Originality Report
  3. AI detection Score

1. Similarity Index: With regard to academic, online, and student paper content, Turnitin’s software compares the submitted content with a variety of databases of content already available. Then, it starts to hunt for similarities and notifies with a percentage that includes similar or plagiarised content.  The similarity index will accurately show you the instances of matched content in the submitted article. The similarity score and resulting report is available to students. After that, they can look for what needs to be changed in order to avoid similarities. 

2. Originality Report: As the originality report, it provides a full-fledged report of the plagiarised content along with the sources that are available in the Turnitin database, including blog posts, websites, posts, articles already published, or somewhere in the deep ocean of data.

3. AI writing detection score: The AI writing detection score indicates the percentage of text that has been determined to be generated by AI.  The AI detection score and resulting report is available to instructors only. 

How does Turnitin detect ChatGPT

While assessing AI language models with Turnitin, keep in mind that there is a big difference between the similarity score and the AI detection score. At this time, students do not have access to the AI detection score. However, the AI writing detection feature will be offered to institutions as an additional product after 2023

Blue % indicaator

When you see the color blue along with a percentage ranging from 0 to 100, it means that your submission has been processed successfully. The percentage represents the amount of text within your submission that Turnitin’s AI writing detection model identifies as generated by AI. 

Grey % indicaator

When you see the color gray with no percentage displayed (–) in the AI writing detection indicator, it means that the submission couldn’t be processed. In this state, you won’t be able to open the AI writing report for this submission.

Red % indicaator

The error symbol ( ! ) indicates that Turnitin was unable to process the submission. In such cases, the AI writing report cannot be opened. While Turnitin continuously strives to enhance its services, occasional errors may occur. If you encounter this state, we recommend trying again later, as it means the AI writing report cannot be accessed at that moment.

This is how does Turnitin detects AI. So, for those who are still not sure whether can Turnitin detect ChatGPT, there’s the answer about Turnitin’s effectiveness against ChatGPT plagiarism.

If you are becoming dependent on ChatGPT and other AI writing tools, Don’t! You can achieve nothing with shortcuts, especially regarding your education. Build your career by doing hard work. 

How Can Teachers Detect AI Writing?

With AI detection tools, more accurately, we can say ChatGPT plagiarism checkers and teachers can detect AI writing appropriately. Some of the best plagiarism checkers are Turnitin, OpenAI text Classifier, GPTZero, Grammarly, QueText, etc.

  • Apart from using these AI detection tools or Turnitin Chat GPT detector, teachers can detect ChatGPT text by analyzing the tone, context, style, and language of the submitted work.
  • Also, Bot uses certain phrases or words that only students normally don’t use, clearly displaying the use of ChatGPT and academic integrity getting compromised.
  • Additionally, the assignment will clearly have some technical jargon and content that may not be covered in the syllabus! So, professors can easily detect ChatGPT text by having a glance at the paper. 
  • Teachers can also ask the students to explain the idea or concept in their own words and understanding of the given assignment. This will help the instructors to detect AI-written content.

Can Universities Detect ChatGPT?

Yes, of course! Universities can detect ChatGPT or any other AI-written content. As students and scholars heavily rely on ChatGPT or any other AI tools to support their work, teachers are worried that students are jeopardizing their careers by using ChatGPT more than they should be. So, when students have a cheat code ChatGPT to excel in their studies, teachers have another plagiarism detection software!!! 

How to avoid plagiarism detection with ChatGPT?

There are a few things you can do to avoid plagiarism detection with ChatGPT:

Paraphrase the text: ChatGPT is very good at generating unique text, but it is still possible to paraphrase the text to make it even more unique and less likely to be detected by Turnitin.

Use citations:  If you are using ChatGPT to generate text that is based on existing sources, be sure to cite the sources properly. This will show Turnitin that you are not trying to plagiarize.

Avoid common plagiarism triggers: Turnitin has a number of triggers that it uses to detect plagiarism. These triggers include things like repeating phrases, using too many direct quotes and having a high percentage of similarity to other sources. By avoiding these triggers, you can make your text less likely to be detected as plagiarized.

Here is an example of how you could use this paragraph in your article:

Turnitin’s AI detection capabilities have improved significantly in recent years, and it is now able to detect ChatGPT-generated text with a high degree of accuracy. However, there are still some ways to bypass Turnitin’s AI detection, such as by paraphrasing the text, using citations, and avoiding common plagiarism triggers.

For example, instead of using the following sentence:

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can generate text that is indistinguishable from human-written text.

You could paraphrase it as follows:

ChatGPT is a sophisticated language model that can produce text that is virtually identical to human-written text.

You could also add a citation to a source that discusses ChatGPT’s capabilities, such as the following:

ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. It is based on the GPT-3 language model, which is one of the most advanced language models in the world. (Source: [link to source])

By taking these steps, you can make your ChatGPT-generated text less likely to be detected by Turnitin.

Winding Up

Turnitin and AI-generated content go hand in hand. Where AI-generated content is helping students scoring good marks, Turnitin, on the other hand, is helping teachers and professors in shattering the dreams of millions of students getting the homework and assignments done without any effort. However, in the long run, it’s better if you learn the skills and be intellectual. Because, as long as instructors are detecting AI-generated text with Turnitin, you cannot depend upon these AI tools to work for them. Unless you smartly get the work done! So this was all about can turnitin detect chat gpt?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Turnitin Identify ChatGPT-Generated Text?

Yes, Turnitin can identify ChatGPT-Generation text. As per recent developments, Turnitin provides a Similarity Score and Originality Report that will help in detecting AI-generated text with Turnitin. 

Q2. Can Turnitin Detect Quillbot?

Yes, Turnitin can detect plagiarism from Quillbot to an extent that mainly depends upon various factors such as length of the text,  content quality, usage of phrases and unusual words, context, and settings. 

Q3. Can Scribbr Detect ChatGPT?

Yes, Scribbr can detect ChatGPT very accurately, especially when texts are edited. So, if you think Scribbr cannot detect AI-generated content, you are very much in dark. 

Q4. Can Grammarly Detect ChatGPT?

If you think that Grammarly is used for checking grammar only, then you are very much wrong. Grammarly can very easily detect plagiarism along with grammar, spelling, readability, conciseness, punctuation, word choice, etc.  

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