10+ Best VRChat Worlds To Make New Friends In 2023

How cool it is to socialize while you are just sitting on your couch at your home. Well, there are some Virtual Reality Games that make it convenient for you to make friends and chat with strangers around by landing you in the Best VRChat Worlds. 

From communicating via telephone to communicating through games in separate chat rooms, technology is ascending with each day passing. If we recall, the first-ever VRChat was coined in the year 2017 by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey. The motive behind developing this VRChat world was to offer the gamers the ease to communicate, build camaraderie and explore new things online. VRChat worlds have made communication easy and have also helped so many individuals categorized as introverts come out.  

The VRChat lands you in a world where cartoon characters walk through the streets, where portals can transport you from a dungeon in a medieval castle to the holodeck of a spaceship and to all the surreal places you would’ve ever imagined to be. Through VRChat it is far more convenient to strategize, with your friends online and go on ahead with your mission. 

The best thing about any VR game is the social aspect. If you enjoy gaming as well as socializing, then we have a list of the Best VR chat worlds that will keep you engaged and will offer you an all-rounder experience.

Best VRChat worlds

The social aspect is the best thing about any game or the VRChat experience. Coming across new people online, and being able to talk to them in the same game can be a fun experience. We have a list of the Best VRChat Worlds lined up for you below. 

Ultimately, it’s best to play on VRChat worlds where there are lots of other people to hang out with. One can easily lose track of time mingling with strangers and making new friends, especially on maps with specific game modes or minigames. 

Below is the list of some enthralling VR games that come with the Best VRChat Worlds. 

1. Firelink Shrine

Best VR Chat Worlds: Firelink Shrine Game

This game comes across as a petrifying gaming experience. The entire setup of the game is a dark theme and is indeed quite terrorizing. If you enjoy a terrorizing experience in the game then Firelink Shrine is the Best VRChat Worlds that could come along in a game for you. 

Gameplay: The Firelink Shrine world is a surprisingly faithful recreation of the iconic location from Dark Souls that serves as the anchor location for the player’s adventure. It comes with a much larger map than many of the worlds available in VRChat and has a variety of hidden secrets for fans of the franchise.

For instance, by falling to the bottom of the world behind the ruined area where an elevator would normally be, players are greeted with an all-black room with the red text “YOU DIED” emblazoned in the air. Also by speaking to the non-playable characters inside, you can level up, upgrade your gear, and purchase consumable items, armor, weapons, miracles, and spells.

Game Review: Horrifyingly engaging because of the setup of the Game 

2. Sky Camp

Are you a camping person? Well, then Sky Camp in VRChat is the game for you to come across new people while camping, and have the time of your lives with them. Sky Camp is a smaller map with a few different areas available to explore in its vibrant, cartoony world. The main idea of this map, though, is the potential for meeting new people. 

Gameplay: The comfortably lit main campfire area is a great place to get to know the real people behind the wacky avatars. It’s much more stylized than most VRChat worlds, which tend to go more on realism than aesthetics. The world tends to have a low allowance for players, though, so even though it’s one of the best VRChat worlds for chatting, there’s usually a low max player limit.

Game Review: Immersive camping experience from home 

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3. Zombie Tag Worlds

Best VR Chat Worlds: Zombie Tag

Does the idea of zombies petrify you? Have you ever wondered how it would be like having a real zombie around you? Zombie Tag gives an altogether real-life experience. Zombie Tag in VRChat works much as it does in real life. 

Gameplay: It is a game of humans hiding and the zombies seeking them but with a twist․ The zombies hunt the humans as they run and hide․ When a human gets infected they become a zombie and hunt other humans․ This game continues until everybody becomes a zombie until the very end. In VRChat this game is brought to a whole new level with lots of custom maps for players to get Zombie Tag games going. Just search for the game mode and look for a server with lots of people to play one of the best VRChat games.

Game Review: A fun game as it gives a real-time experience 

4. Japan Shrine

How many of you enjoy games that aren’t destructive and loud and simply revolve around the idea of calm? Well then for all the people who enjoy games full of serenity, The Japan Shrine is a lovely meditative place to be in the virtual world. 

Gameplay: It is a spring setting with Cherry Blossom trees gently swaying in the wind and a pale blue sky above, and the Shrine is home to many traditional rooms and relaxing areas to be in all inspired by Japanese architecture and traditional homes. The concept of this game is for people from all parts of the world to gather here and acquaint themselves with each other and have a great time through the Best VRChat Worlds. 

Game Review: Free place to laugh and talk 

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5. Sled Hill

Best VR Chat Worlds: Sled Hill

Coming with the Best VRChat worlds in the Virtual Reality Games is undoubtedly the cherry on the cake doe all the high-end gamers. Same way, Sled Hill is absolutely hilarious and all-in-one entertaining VRChat for one reason, it is the number one thing that causes people to fall over in VRChat. 

Gameplay: Normally, the camera, and controls are very user-friendly, but riding a Sled is a different story. There was originally only one Sled Hill map, but just searching for the Sled tag on the Worlds tab should bring up a variety of worlds where you can sled down huge hills, even when it’s not cold outside.

Game Review: Hilarious and is totally fun makes you feel like you actually landed in a freezing cold atmosphere

6. Home of the Time

Who doesn’t like a getaway? How cool it would be if you are transported to an island in a lavish house. Home of the Time is a fun and relaxing Best VRChat Worlds you’ll ever come across in a Virtual Reality Game where you can actually hang out with your friends and spend some good quality time. 

Gameplay: Home of the Time is a colorful and very beautiful VRchat world designed in the form of a floating island. It is surrounded by water and the day-night shift here is made automatically. There is a cozy house on the island where you can spend time with your virtual friends, dancing, singing songs, and just having fun. If you discover the surroundings, you’ll see a blooming garden with different statues and a patio. Everything is designed to help you relax and I believe this is exactly what such kind of place should look like.

Game Review: Good for relaxing 

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7. Void Club

Best VR Chat Worlds: Void club

Do you fancy the atmosphere of a fashionable nightclub? Then Void Club is one of the best VRchat worlds that was designed for people like you. This game is the perfect platform for you to make a good lot of friends and enjoy with them.

Gameplay: It is truly a very active place, which works 24/7 and attracts people of all ages with its sleek design and peculiar science fiction style. Here you can listen to popular music and spend a pleasant time with other avatars dancing or simply talking. There are also special places for VIP clients, which you can find above the dance floor. All in all, if you are reluctant to visit real nightclubs and are looking for an easy-to-reach place not leaving your apartment, choose this VRChat world and delve into the feeling of actual clubbing.

Game Review: An actual clubbing experience worth a try 

8. Cafe Leblanc

How interesting it is to get a gaming experience in the VR Chat Worlds. Cafe Leblanc is such a game that comes along with a shady set up it has interesting graphics and apt attention to detail. 

Gameplay: Cafe Leblanc is a cafe that attempts to recreate the same place from the video game Persona 5. It has an attic and a semi-hidden location if you go through the bathroom. There you find a man sitting at a desk surrounded by many jail cells. The Cafe offers a small hub for the players with three tables to the left. 

Game Review: A real-time hangout experience at a virtual restaurant

9. GTA Vice City In VRChat

Best VR Chat Worlds: GTA Vice city VR CHAT

Who isn’t aware of the worldwide famous game Grand Theft Auto a.k.a GTA? Well, for all those who aren’t then Grand Theft Auto is a must-try in the VR chat Worlds. It is indeed an exciting ride for all the GTA fans and for those as well who haven’t played it before. 

Gameplay: You go on a mission with your friends and meet new people on your mission who might or might not help you. But the highlight of this VR game is that it has the best ever graphics compared to other games and offers the Best VRChat Worlds to its players. 

Game Review: Great place t make new friends and team up to finish the mission 

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10. The Black Cat

The Black Cat is rated among VRchat best worlds for those, who want to make new acquaintances and pleasantly spend time chatting with interesting people. 

Gameplay: Though this is a virtual world, every item here looks very realistic. The Black Cat is a melange of a casual bar and an upscale restaurant commonly used for different receptions. If you feel a bit shy to meet new people in the real world, you can start with this chat. The setup of this game is very much immersive that it convinces you to believe that you are in a real restaurant chilling with your friends. 

Game Review: Best for those who find it hard to make friends in real life 

Wrapping Up

Being able to communicate in a Game is the highlight of any Virtual Reality Game. As it makes you feel that you have someone around you. VR Chat Worlds not only helps in making new friends online but also helps you strategize and with teamwork, effectively carry out the mission you have been assigned.

Thus, this was the list of some of the Best VR Chat Worlds. If you have any queries regarding the article, then feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. 

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