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This time we have brought you a hit list of the best poll bots Discord. In this list we have discussed the best polling Discord bots. Voting or polling is the largest utilized feature on Discord servers over almost every Discord server in various densities. 

Hence, it becomes more precious for the server admins to develop and alter this polling feature so that they can make their servers impressive and creative in order to attract a huge audience to grow their servers even more. To resolve the issue of making the polling system better of Discord, developers from all around the world have designed many Discord bots which can make your polls unique and attractive to others on the server.

In the list of best poll bots Discord, we have decided to pick and brief the top most popular bots, to lessen your eagerness let us reveal a few of the names mentioned in the list: Asena bot, Poll Bot Plus, Easy Poll Bot, Votify Bot and many more. We can see the excitement level going high! So why to wait? Hop on!

Perfectly researched polling Discord bots are waiting for you, each with a unique feature and having an identity of its own. Being the most popular ones surely deserves to be in your server basket! Put them one by one in their places after reading. 

Best Poll Bots Discord

Below we have list of the best poll bot for discord. Keep reading along the blog post and thus you shall learn more about some of the best poll bot discord.

1. Raid Helper Bot

Raid Helper Bot

Holding its position in the list of the best poll bots Discord for a long time, we present you with the Raid Helper bot. This is an amazing and exciting calendar bot popular on the Discord community. The Raid Helper bot offers features which help a user to create simple and attractive polls. However, it includes multiple other helpful features which contain archiving, time zones, logging and reminders.

The Raid Helper bot is popular because of its polling feature and also due to the multiple language support system provided by this bot in which the users take great interest. Hence, the bot is a super cool one among the list of the best poll bots Discord and is a must try one!  

2. Poll Bot Plus

Poll Bot Plus

Grabbing everyone’s attention and offering the best service on Discord Poll Bot Plus has been seen continuously on the best poll bots Discord list. The Poll Bot Plus offers a speedy and easy-to-use interface so that it’s users can create beautiful and creative polls which can be personalized entirely, a user can add more to the polls with their creativity to make it stand out of other polls.

There are many choices available offered by the Poll Bot Plus so that the users may create the best polls ever. Not only this, the bot has many other exciting features available, such as letting consumer reaction to polls and also one of the most amazing features of conducting a single poll. Hence, the bot is a highly recommended one from our end! It has been clear that the Poll Bot Plus is attractive as well as advantageous for conducting polls in the best way possible.

3. Asena Bot 

Asena Bot

Sticking tight to the title of best poll bots Discord, Asena Bot is the other best pick for creating polls. The Asena Bot is solely dedicated to its user’s needs and requirements. Asena bot is a fast and maintained bot that has high technology indulged which makes the bot a tough competition to other poll-creating Discord bots.

In addition to that, the bot is also popular all over the Discord platform because of it’s giveaway features. Hence, the Asena bot came out to be amazing in both the polls and giveaways. Asena bot also promotes and let its users use multiple languages, making it stand out of the other Discord bots in the list. Give this bot a try on your Discord server and it will be fruitful for sure!

4. Votify Bot

Here comes the other best poll bots Discord Votify Bot. The Votify bot lets its users create amazing and excellent polls which are attention-seeking and adorable. Moreover, the bot is also popular among the entire Discord community for conducting discussions, providing voting features, and many more. The bot is an expert in polls and votes which makes it a strong recommendation for creating polls.

A user can easily alter the appearance and polls according to their taste and design a vibrant interface with the support of the Votify bot. Hence, you can sure shortly give this bot a try and create few amazing polls to favor your servers.

5. Easypoll Bot

Easy Poll Bot

Easypoll Bot is another famous bot on the Discord platform. The Easypoll Bot is widely known for its user friendly and simple interface which is very helpful in creating attractive and interactive polls. The Easypoll bot also serves it’s users with the customer reactions feature through which people may send reactions on polls. The Easypoll Bot permits it’s users to personalize polls and votes.

One of the biggest benefits of using Easypoll Bot is that most of its helpful features are free to use and has no hidden charges to be asked later. Hence, if we count all of its features together, this bot becomes the best fit for your servers. A Discord user can definitely make their Discord servers impressive and impress a good amount of users, and that too without investing any penny! So, what else you want? Go do try this bot out and enjoy it’s free services!

6. Mr Poll Bot

The last one in the list of the best poll bots on Discord is Mr. Poll Bot. Other than having a pretty attractive and impressive name the bot is still not that much popular over the Discord community and servers. However, after trying this bot one will clearly know the benefits of making use of this bot. Mr Poll is a great bot for designing interactive polls and votes. This is a suggestion bot but it’s polling feature highlights over any other feature of Mr Poll because of being the next level. Although, it has not come to the notice of many Discord server admins.

This is also a user bot and it has the feature of a welcomer bot too! Focusing on its main feature keeping all the other features apart, if you are a Discord user and you want to create polls or are into polls then this is the one you should try for sure, it will not disappoint you. Add it to your servers and create beautiful polls like no other.

Wrapping Up

Enclosing the list of the best poll bots on Discord with all the boys that we mentioned above. The bots about which we discussed are all finely selected and best-in-service bots that can be utilized almost for free for creating interactive-looking and impressive polls for your servers. Although some of them are also widely known over the Discord platform for offering other specialized services, these bots are the perfect ones for giving your server the best and attractive looking polls ever. So, do try them out for creating polls on your server and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all. If you are already one of their users after going through our post.

We hope that you enjoyed using them and created the best polls and votes ever to make your server attractive and interesting.  For more hotlists stay tuned! And you know where you have to in case you have any confusion or question. Comment section!


Q1. Is There A Bot For Polls In Discord?

Ans. Adding a poll bot to your Discord server allows you to create polls in the Discord text channels. Inviting polls will help you to increase engagement in your Discord server. Accessing the “/poll” command, you can create a poll for a question and it’s related options.

Q2. How To Use The Easy Poll Discord Bot?

Ans. Create a poll with time limit and other options. 
Simply create a poll through Slash commands and ask the community for their opinion. Polls can be set with time and vote limits. Anonymous polls and role limits are also possible.

Q3. What Is Strawpoll Vote?

Ans. A Strawpoll, strawvote or strawballot is an ad hoc or unofficial vote. It is used to show popular opinion on a certain case, and can be used to help politicians know the majority opinion and help them decide what to say in order to achieve votes.

Q4. How To Vote On Discord?

Ans. Enter your poll question into the channel’s message box and tap in Enter. Hang on your poll question, and tap on the icon of a smiling emoji with a plus sign. Choose an emoji to show one option of your poll. Thumbs-up and thumbs-down emojis are good pick for yes and no votes.

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