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Are you looking for the best Mastodon servers and wondering which Mastodon server to join? Then, stop right here, we have got you the top Mastodon servers list. The unrest among Twitter users is too prominent to avoid. Those who can no more tolerate sudden decisions and changes after Elon Musk took over Twitter are searching for Twitter alternates. Mastodon no doubt took the place along with Counter Social and many others. Let’s learn how to find the best Mastodon server liste and how to switch servers on Mastodon. 

Mastodon, as opposed to Twitter, is a distributed social media platform where users can sign up on different servers or sites, each of which comes with its own theme, rules, slang, and moderation standards. Fifty-seven servers as well as ten topics are active at the time of writing. We have got best mastodon servers list for you. Let’s go through the best Mastodon server list and enjoy one of the best social media platforms created ever with so much power to the users. You’ll get your answer for which Mastodon server to join.

Best Mastodon server list! Currently, there are fifty+ lists of servers available on ten topics on Mastodon and the number is growing as you read this article. These topics are General, Regional, Technology, LGBTQ+, Activism, Music, Gaming, Art, Food, and Furry are top Mastodon servers.

Let’s waste no more time and explore the best Mastodon server list in this article. You’ll definitely have the answer to which Mastodon server to join. Keep reading to know the top 12 list of best Mastodon servers 2023.

Best Mastodon Server Topics

Are you looking for which Mastodon server to join from Mastodon server list? In contrast to Twitter, where members sign up on many servers or nodes, each of which comes with its theme, rules, terminology, and moderating standards, Mastodon is a dispersed social network. As of this writing, 10 topics and 57 servers are live in top Mastodon servers list. These topics regarding best mastodon servers 2022 include: 

#1 Topic: General

#2 Topic: Regional

#3 Topic: Technology

#4 Topic: LGBTQ+

#5 Topic: Activism

#6 Topic: Music

#7 Topic: Gaming

#8 Topic: Art

#9 Topic: Food

#10 Topic: Furry

Mastodon server list; Best Mastodon servers

Best Mastodon Server Topics

On Mastodon, there isn’t a single server that reigns supreme or controls them all. Everybody has a distinctive viewpoint of their own. Find a server that has comparable clients. You can choose any Mastodon server from the top Mastodon servers list mentioned below. However, in the section that follows, we will offer our server recommendations for each topic followed by the best Mastodon server list. 


These were the top 14 list of Mastodon servers. Keep reading to follow with links.

To be clear, Mastodon is not a brand-new platform. The open-source, free micro – blogging service made its debut in March 2016 and offered a new method of online communication. You can use hashtags, video sharing, follow other users, submit content that can be liked as well as retweeted, and use other features present on Twitter, among other things. Now let’s look at the list of best Mastodon servers list.

Most Popular Mastodon Server

The most popular Mastodon servers is, a general social server that boasts more than 75,000 users. It is a good starting point for new users to explore the site and post without being restricted to a certain topic.

Best Mastodon Server

 Best Mastodon servers are – it currently has around 22,000 users and is growing fast. hosts more than 6,000 environmentally-active users, while is the top Mastodon server for gamers.

#1 Server: (General)

This is one of the top Mastodon servers in the Mastodon server list. The most user-friendly with 122K users. Post anything you like as long as it complies with the server’s rules.

#2 Server: (General)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon servers list

Mastodon’s busiest server,, has 37K users. It is the biggest mastodon server, a quick, friendly, and successful federated server in Mastodon server list. There is also the creator of Mastodon here.

#3 Server: (General)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon servers list

Explore and learn about the fediverse by joining the 87K users that have already signed up. This is general in Mastodon server list.

#4 Server: (Regional)

A climate-positive community called is for climate change activism mostly (though not alone) serves EU nationals is one of the top Mastodon servers in the list. is used by 6,000 individuals. 

#5 Server: (Technology)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon server list

Join the Fosstodon Mastodon community if you’re interested in technology, especially if you like free or open-source software. It has 27K users. The best one in Mastodon servers list for tech lovers.

#6. (LGBTQ+)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon servers list

mastodon. LOL is a friendly community for those who resist fascism, are members of the LGBTQ+ community, are hackers, and are other people who fit these descriptions. The server is utilized by 19K users and among the top Mastodon server list.

#7 (Activism)

In mastodon servers list, next is At, representatives of the global movement for justice and environmental justice can physically meet. 5.5K users make use of the server. Indeed the biggest Mastodon server.

#8 (Music)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon server list

For every raver in the cosmos, a brand-new server has been developed. Everyone is invited, whether they enjoy electronic music or not. On, 466 people are logged in. This is one of the best mastodon server to join.

#9 (Gaming)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon servers list

One server hosts all games on Mastodon. Fans of Touhou (and other shoot ’em ups) are welcome to gather here! Currently, it has 2.7K users. This is one of the best mastodon server to join.

#10 (Art)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon server list

The first server for Mastodon was dedicated to artists and the creative industry. 22K people are using This is one the best best mastodon server to join.

#11 (Food)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon servers list

Hey, free and open source and beer lovers! There are 5.6K users on

#12 (Furry)

mastodon server list
Best Mastodon server list is the only server mentioned under the furry topic. Anyone interested in furry culture in particular is allowed to use this instance.

#13 (Tech) is a mastodon instance for passionate technologists.

#14 (General)

best mastodon server list
Best Mastodon server list is the biggest mastodon server that wants to be a welcoming, non-topic-specific community that’s all about sharing happiness, learning new things, and, for once, just being happy on social media.

How To Change A Mastodon Server?

These were the top Mastodon servers on our list. To change the Mastodon server and take advantage of other online communities, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Make a fresh server.

Step 2: Entering “Moving from another account” as the selection

Step 3: Type in the previous account handle.

Step 4: Select “Moving to another account” after going to your account.

Step 5: Enter the new account handle after that.

You can put up your own servers with Mastodon. There are a number of reasons why you would want to alter them. The ideal method for switching Mastodon servers without losing followers is as follows:

Step 1: Register on a new server.

Step 2: From the menu, choose Account > Moving FROM another account.

Step 3: Type in the previous account’s handle.

Step 4: Change the account you choose under Account Access on the OLD server.

Step 5: Click submit after entering the handle of the new account.

All of your followers can be swiftly moved using these techniques, but posts and other media are left on the old website. Also, pick the best mastodon server to join!

How To Choose Mastodon Server For Yourself?

As we have learned about the best mastodon server. Now follow these simple tips to choose the best mastodon server and you’ll know which Mastodon server to join.

1. Always check the moderation and content policy of the mastodon instance.

2. Check the mastodon server performance.

3. Before joining the server check the blocked server.

4. Always stay updated about the privacy policy.

5. Always keep your choice and home feed in mind before joining any server.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this blog about the best Mastodon Server list will help you with finding the best Mastodon servers. Let’s join the best mastodon servers you are longing for. Got an issue with the Mastodon server? Let us know in the comment box which mastodon server to join. Follow TopHillSport for more updates on Mastodon. 

Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What Is The App Mastodon?

Users of the social networking site Mastodon can have both private and public talks. The foundation of this platform is decentralized governance, which gives users the ability to vote on modifications to the platform code. Mastodon also has a built-in chat feature that makes it easier to communicate with other users.

Q2. How Do I Modify My Mastodon Instance?

There isn’t a universal response to this query because how you switch Mastodon instances will vary depending on the particulars of your configuration. However, the following suggestions for altering Mastodon instances:
Check the status of your instance. Visit and enter the IP address of your server in the “Find my instance” form to verify the status of your instance.

Q3. How Safe Is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a well-liked social networking site with a sizable user base. How many people regularly utilize the network for illegal conduct is not known, though. Mastodon has also improved security by adding functions like two-factor authentication and locking down user profiles after a set period of inactivity. In general, users seem to consider Mastodon to be a secure social networking site.

Q4. Which Mastodon Server To Join?

Ans. There are ten categories to choose from best Mastodon server to join. Mastodon offers ten major categories; from which you can choose your interest. These major categories are General, Regional, Technology, LGBTQ+, Activism, Music, Gaming, Art, Food, and Furry. 

Q5. How To Pick A Mastodon Server?

Ans. To pick a Mastodon server, First of all, write a list of server requirements > consider the posts you want to see > follow Mastodon’s Server List > use Mastodon’s server search tool.

Q6. What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Mastodon?

Mastodon’s biggest selling feature, customization and the ability to manage your online profile, is its main flaw. Although a terrific approach to protect privacy and allow users complete control over their online profile, the sheer number of customization and selection options can be rather overwhelming for new users. Furthermore, while being decentralised, you are still at the mercy of the moderators running your instance, and things can change at any time without prior notice.

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