Top 10 Best Discord Servers For Pokemon Go List 2024

Ever caught legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Go? Do you have the desire to do the same? Then let us help you. So if you want to learn more about it, stick tight to the post to discover the top 10 best Discord servers for Pokemon Go list 2024.

Lazy users will find it difficult to catch Pokemons. Despite this, few creatures are difficult to find if you don’t know the game. You’ll upgrade in the game easily if you know where all of the Pokemon Go raids are going on and battles occurring. 

The top 10 best Discord servers for Pokemon Go list 2024 are Pokedex100, Pokemon Go Coordinates, Pokopia, Pokebot.Ninja, PokeXperience, and many more. You can continue reading till the end to explore the list of 10 best Discord servers for Pokemon Go.

If the urge to explore the best Discord server for Pokemon Go has dragged you here, then we’ll make your effort worth it by providing you with the best Discord server for Pokemon Go, you just need to stay tuned and read the complete post.

List of Top 10 Best Discord Servers For Pokemon Go List 2024

List of Top 10 Best Discord Servers For Pokemon Go List 2022

Pokemon Go players know how important it is to have active friends in the game. In Pokemon Go, you can create teams, take part in raids and much more. However, you can make new friends quickly just by joining active Pokemon Go Discord servers. Find out among given Top 10 Best Discord Servers For Pokemon Go List 2024 which one matches with your taste.

Pokemon Go Coordinates

Nowadays, more than thirteen thousand users are on Pokemon Go Coordinates. This server is the most famed one as compared to others. It’s mainly designed for spoofers but PoGo players can also take advantage of its features. There are different teams that request you to distribute a role yourselves.

Featured Channels

  1. Pokemon-Go – The PoGo members can share their experiences, chat with each other, have conversations, etc.
  1. Trading-channel – To trade with other gamers.
  1. Screenshots – Share and show your screenshots about your discoveries.
  1. 100iv-Pokemon – To search coordinates for 100IV Pokemon.
  1. Raid-Boosted – Join boosted raids which are open for all players.

This server helps you find spawn point details and unique Pokemon coordinates. In addition, this server has a well-developed and successful website through which they manage the Discord server to activate visitors and offer Pokemon coords 24×7 all for free.


Featured Channels

  1. Tips And Tricks – Offers winning tips and tricks for the Pokemon Go game.
  1. Candy – Check desired candies by bot commands.
  1. Gym Raid – To create battles or raids in the gym.
  1. 100 Community – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 100 IV
  1. 2600CP – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 2600CP and above.
  1. Evo 3 Community – To get coordinates of stage 3 Pokemon. 


Need coordinates for PoGo for sniping? Then You’re in the right section. Here you’ll find a number of free sections that you can use to catch and snipe Pokemon. You might require to be a donator if you want a unique and powerful Pokemon. It might also be the biggest IV and maximum CP.

Featured Channels

  1. 100IV – To achieve coordinates of Pokemon with 100IV.
  1. Lvl30 – To achieve coordinates of Pokemon with level 30.
  1. Candy Bot – To achieve coordinates of Pokemon candies.
  1. CP2500 Plus – To achieve coordinates of Pokemon CP2500 and above.
  1. Nests – To request Pokemon and search nest coordinates.
  1. Raids Coords – To get the latest and active raids coordinates.


It’s based on Java cross-platform bot application for PoGo. PokeBot created its own Discord servers to give support to its users. Moreover, PokeBot also offers different channels which are used in raids and to coordinate sniping and also nests for Pokemon.

Featured Channels

  1. Coords Sniping – To get coordinates of all Pokemon for sniping.
  1. Coords Raids – To get coordinates for raids.
  1. Coords Nests – To get coordinates of Pokemon nests.


This community is a China-based community that allows you to communicate in the English language. Pokemon fans from every corner of the world can interact with each other by using this Discord server to catch rare Pokemons. It’s popular for sharing coordinates and spawn points.

Featured Channels

  1. LVL30 IV100 – To search Pokemon in Level 30 and IV 100 coordinates.
  1. IV100 – To find coordinates of Pokemon with.
  1. IV 90-99 – Pokemon with IV90 or above coordinates.
  1. IV1-89 – To get coordinates of Pokemon with IV1 to IV89.
  1. IV0 – To get coordinates of Pokemon with IV0.
  1. CP2600 Plus – To get coordinates of Pokemon with CP2600 and above.


Pokesnipers has its own website for sniping Pokemon with the help of sniping tools. It is based on Android applications. It has a huge number of active members on its Discord servers. More than 80k members are there and all are active 24×7.

Featured Channels

  1. Demand Candy – To ask and get coordinates of Pokemon Candies.
  1. Raid Coords – To make discussion related to the boss, raid Coords, and the new battle gym system.
  1. Rare 90 Cords – To get coordinates of rare Pokemon with 90IV and above.
  1. 100IV Trainers 30 UP – To get coordinates of Pokemon with 100 IV with Level 30 and above.
  1. Unown – A specific channel finds all super unique gen 2 Pokemon using coordinates.
  1. Events Shiny – To get coordinates of event-specific and Shiny Pokemon.


It uses Niantic’s old code to snipe Pokemon and bot. To use this application you need to use API for signing up, to keep a hidden personality, and keep your NecroBot2 as its personal discord server for discussion.

Featured Channels

  1. 100IV – Pokemon with 100IV coordinates.
  1. Best Of Rare Coords – To get coordinates of some best and rarely Pokemon.

From the above given Pokemon Go Discord servers, you will get to know the raid or spawning locations on time. So, if you haven’t already then read carefully again the Top 10 Best Discord Servers For Pokemon Go List 2024.

Wrapping Up

Izza wrap, guys! We guess this guide has helped you finding the best Discord server for Pokemon Go game. Here you will find all types of servers. In this post, we’ve discussed the top 10 best Discord servers for Pokemon Go list 2024. Every server’s channels are given and explained for your understanding. With this information, you can expertise in the Pokemon Go game.┬áDo comment in the comment box if we’ve missed something or if you’ve any doubt.


Q1. What Is The Most Popular Discord Server Currently?

Ans. The official Fortnite game Discord server is the biggest Discord server in the world currently.

Q2. Who Is The Best Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

Ans. The best Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game is

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