9 Super Cool Discord Easter Eggs That You Shouldn’t Miss On!!

Discord has so many amazing features that you can enjoy while chatting with your friends. Just like Discord bots, Discord easter eggs are conventional features on Discord! Want to know about these Discord Easter Eggs? Stick to the post till last and get to know more!!

Easter Eggs in Discord sounds like we are talking about the Easter season. But, these are not those colorfully decorated easter eggs that you are thinking about. These are the technically made discord features to make your streaming experience much more fun!!

Do you know what features you get via these Discord Easter Eggs? Well, to give you some hint, you get the secret ringtone feature, amazing music notes on Discord clients, and much more!! 

Curious to find them all? Well, keep up your curiosity and read the article ahead, as we disclose each easter egg on Discord filler one by one!!

Best Discord Easter Eggs

Try these super cool Discord Easter Eggs and have fun!!! From secret ringtones to amazing snake games, you get to explore a lot!! 


Let’s reveal the features then!!

1. Secret Ringtone

Secret Ringtone: Discord Easter Eggs

Among all the amazing features that Discord comes with, a secret ringtone is one of the most wonderful features that you can enjoy on Discord. This secret ringtone plays when someone calls you. 

But you have to be damnnnn lucky to enjoy this feature, as the ringtones are not accessible by everyone, unlike other Discord features. If you are lucky enough, then instead of your default ringtone, this random secret ringtone will play!!

2. Music Notes

Music Notes: Discord Easter Eggs

Did you know that you can play musical notes in your Discord client? 

Yeah, you surely didn’t!!!

Here’s a super cool feature of Easter eggs Discord using which you can play musical notes by pressing the arrow buttons in your Discord client!

To use this feature you need to follow a few steps that go like:

1. Press Control+ / keys at once. The keyboard combinations will show up on the screen.

2. Now you need to click on the “arrow” button and you’ll hear the musical notes.

This is a fun feature to try with your friends!!

3. Snake Game

Snake Game

Ahh!!! The snake game!! So are you ready for discord 404 snake game. Aren’t we all familiar with this game for a long time now?

Here’s a gig!! You get to play the snake game on Discord on the Discord 404 page.

You can get access to this snake game by clicking on the Discord 404 page.

You can directly visit the discord page by clicking the link above or copy-paste the link in whichever browser you are using. Once you are redirected to the 404 page, you need to click on the key present just beside the Robo-Hamster animation. This will access you to the snake game!!

You can have fun playing this game, just learn to use the keys right and win the game every time you play it. The trick to winning the game is to press the discord arrow keys easter egg to direct the snake to the apple icons. 

4. Rate Limits Documentation

Rate Limits Documentation: Discord Easter Eggs

Another fun feature of Discord is that you get access to a super fun web animation on Discord!!!

To avail of this feature, you need to visit the rate limits documentation on Discord. This will redirect you to a new page. There you need to click on “hyperlinked semicolon”  by scrolling down to the mid of the page.

This will redirect you to the documentation page. Again scroll down a little until you find a “blue semi-colon”. Click on that and you’ll be redirected to a super cool animated web page!!

5. Username Clicks

Username Clicks: Discord Easter Eggs

Here’s something fun!! 

Try this amazing username clicks feature by clicking multiple times on your username the Discord client!

To try this feature here is what you need to do:

1. At the button left corner on Discord, navigate to your username

2. A tooltip will appear on the screen in green color. This means that your action has been pucked up by the server successfully.

3. Once again click on your username. You’ll get another message on the screen.

4. Everytime you click on your username a new message will flash on the screen!!

6. Light Theme

Light Theme: Discord Easter Eggs

Light theme is one of the wonderful Discord easter eggs that you can try via your phone’s flashlight! To use this feature you need to follow a few steps:

1. Go to “appearance settings” on the Discord app on your phone. 

2. Now press the “light theme” tab around 6 times. 

3. Your mobile’s flashlight will be switched on. 

7. No Result

No Result

I know you must be thinking that getting a no result notification is not a feature, it’s an error instead!! But you don’t know the fun side of this feature yet!!

Sometimes when you are searching for a particular message on your Discord, you get notified with “no results are found”. 

But sometimes, instead of showing the results of a found message, discord notifies you with some super cool illustrations!! Again, you have to be super lucky to get these special illustrated messages!!

Just like the secret ringtone easter eggs on Discord, getting to use this feature is merely based on random luck!! 

8. New Theme (Only For Mobile Users)

New Theme

To avail of this amazing discord easter egg feature, you need to:

1.  Go to appearance settings on your Discord mobile app. 

2. Now tap the “Dark Theme” option at least ten times. After that, you find a message that will pop up on your screen. 

3. Click on the “Dark Theme” option for some more time. This will display a new theme toggle on the screen.

4. Enable the new theme by tapping the “toggle”.

9. Discordo

Discordo: Discord Easter Eggs

Every time you open the app you’ll hear a “Discordo” sound effect. To hear this cheerful sound, you have to do some homework!!

1. In the top left corner of your Discord app, click on the “Discord logo” fifteen times. 

2. You’ll hear a cool “Discordo” sound on your screen. 

3. If you don’t want to hear this Discordo sound then you can deactivate it by clicking the “Discord logo” 15 times. 

Here Are Some More Discord Easter Eggs:

  • Copy Username Tag: Tap on your user name, again and again, and you will see some funny name popups.
  • Akuma Raging Demon: By pressing “Ctrl+/” or “Cmd+/”. Then, you need to input the following sequence –H, H, right arrow, N, K and you will see an animation of the street fighter character Akuma Raging Demon.
  • AMOLED Dark Theme mobile: Tap on “Dark” 10 times to make the new AMOLED theme option appear.
  • Discord Dance Revolution: Use the shortcut “Ctrl+/” on Windows or “Cmd+/” on Mac to open the keyboard shortcuts page. Here, you can now press any of the four arrow keys to play musical notes within Discord. 
  • Take b1nzy to Space: To take b1nzy to space first access the “Rate Limits” documentation. Then, scroll down to this sentence — “Note that normal route rate-limiting headers will also be sent in this response. The rate-limiting response will look something like the following:” Here, click the blue “colon” link to access the “Take b1nzy to Space” website.
  • Wumpus Nitro Confetti: The message “[name] boosted the server” appears in the chat when someone boosts a Discord server. Now, if you keep wiggling your cursor over the crystal, Discord’s mascot Wumpus will appear and The Nitro crystal icon, which release confetti. A bit of confetti is thrown as it emerges from one of the four corners.
  • Empathy Banana/ Broken Magnifying Glass: Discord displays two different images with a different message instead, and they are: No results found. Empathy banana is here for you. We dropped the magnifying glass. Can you try searching again?
  • Weirdly Long Username:  If you choose an absolutely ridiculous and long username, as you can see below. The “Edit” button next to your username in the settings will turn into the disapproval emote.
  • Humans.txt: Discord uses the file to display the company’s logo in ASCII art form, along with a link to their “About” page.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Emoji: You will see the emoji icon change to a turkey in Discord.
  • Rick Rolled Discord Tokens:
  • Dubstep Call Ringtone

Wrapping Up:

So, that was it for now!! These were the amazing Discord Easter Eggs that allow you to enjoy the fantastic features to have fun.

You can share the post with your friends if you liked the information. Also, comment below your favorite easter egg!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are There Hidden Easter Eggs In Discord?

Yes, Discord does have hidden eggs that are hidden away in the 404 errors. You can disclose them and enjoy amazing Discird features that you didn’t know existed!!

Q. What Is The Snake Game On Discord?

The snake game on Discord is available for those only who know how to access it!! You need to visit the  404 page to access the game.

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