Apps That Recognizes Songs By Humming | Let’s Hum To Voice Search For Songs!!

We’ve confused Google n number of times to find the song that we know nothing but the tune of. Gone are the days when we had to type the lyrics of the songs to search for the symphony that got stuck in our heads. Ladies and Gentlemen, nowadays, you no longer need to learn the lyrics of the songs or the artist’s name to identify the name of the song. Get these best apps that recognizes songs by humming alone or voice search for songs and later on, have a perfect karaoke session!

Unrecognizable songs are a massive headache when we can do nothing but hum their melodies to find what that song is!! We’ve all been there where we had to rack our brains and search for our old Youtube watch history to find a particular song. But now, we no longer have to do that.

No more writing lyrics y’all! All you guys gotta do is get your inner Chopin out and sing a perfect symphony for these apps to find what’s the song you’re looking for. Oh, by the way, you don’t have to be perfect at that. If you’re humming it right, then these apps will definitely give you perfect results. Finding songs with melody was never that easier.

Here’s a list of the 6 best apps and websites that will tell you everything about the song that you’re humming or voice search for songs. So let’s get started!

6 Best Apps That Recognizes Songs By Humming

You aren’t the only one who has written: “What’s this song that goes like- Da dadadada daaaaaaaaaaaaa dadada” in the search tab. We know how frustrating it can be when there’s a symphony stuck inside your head and you just can’t get it out of your mouth. The sheer agony of listening to that specific melody makes us go nuts and that’s why we have curated this list of best apps that recognize songs by humming alone or voice search for songs. 

1. Google App

apps that recognize songs by humming
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Hum to search online your favorite songs on Google search with ease! Google knew our dilemma regarding that particular song which we failed to identify. Thus, to make searching songs easier, Google introduced the feature of “Hum to search online” to find the songs that we’re looking for. Back in 2020, Google introduced this feature which made looking for songs much easier. If you never knew what this feature is and how you can access it, then we’ll walk you through it!

To access the Google “Hum to search online” feature, jump to your Google search app and then click on the “mic or voice” icon on your search tab. Here, you can either say “What’s this song” and start humming it or you can simply click on “search for a song” and then start singing the melody to voice search for songs. After 10-15 seconds of humming, Google will bring out the results that match best with your symphony. 

You can search for songs in your native language too as this feature can recognize 20 languages on Android devices. And it is well tried out! I tried humming my favorite Taiwanese song and Google’s “Hum To Search online or voice search for songs” feature was spot on! 

Download Google App: Android | iOS

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2. SoundHound

Image Credits: Play Store

let SoundHound search music by humming. SoundHound app is one of the best melody identifier apps where you can not only hum to search online songs but also connect with fellow music lovers online. The app features will leave you awestruck by how much you can do with just a tap. We’ve all been there when we’re sitting in a fancy restaurant and a beautiful song starts playing in the background, right? In such situations, we get a sudden rush to quickly identify the song that’s playing. Do you know who can help you here? Voice search for songs! This will recognize song by humming.

Yup! You guessed it right, SoundHound!

This app has a feature where you just need to tap to identify the song that’s playing. If you got a melody stuck inside your head, you can hum to find out the name, artist, lyrics, etc of the song by voice search for songs. SoundHound app is your one-stop destination for searching your favorite songs and keeping track of it. You can also add songs via SoundHound to your Spotify playlist! Amazing, right? 

Download SoundHound: Android | iOS

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3. Midomi

Image Credits: Music Grotto

If you’ve been a music enthusiast for long enough, then you surely would have heard of Midomi. Back in 2009, Midomi changed its name to SoundHound and it still goes by that with its main agenda of making everything recognizable by AI-powered voice identification technology for voice search for songs. Although you can download the SounHound apps from Appstore and Google Play Store, you’d be amazed to know that you can enjoy the same features online on your PC too.

This web-based version of SoundHound makes music discovery easier on a web browser. All you have to do is visit Midomi from your web browser, tap on the big orange button, hum a song to voice search for songs and VOILA! There you have it! The song you’ve been dying to identify. You can get your favorite get a song by humming

Additionally, Midomi offers almost all the features that you’ll find in the SounHound app. Here you can listen to songs, identify the same using voice search for songs and keep a track of them all! Cool, right?

Click here to visit Midomi

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4. Shazam

Image Credits: Music Gateway

Who doesn’t know of Shazam! This app has been with us for a long time making our melody identification journey a lot easier. Although you can’t hum a song to identify on Shazam, it still does a pretty good job in music identification. All you have to do is open the Shazam app and it will automatically identify what symphony is playing in the background. This will help you to find song by humming.

Moreover, you can also take the help of the Shazam pop-up while identifying songs in your social media handles like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. On Shazam, you can also be on the lookout for the trending songs in your city and all around the globe. So when stuck with a song, let’s Shazam everywhere to find song by humming!

Download Shazam: Android | iOS 

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5. Musicpedia

apps that recognizes songs by humming
Image Credits: MakeUseOf

Musicpedia is your Musical Wikipedia where you can search for any possible melody and even edit a melody. Although with a boring UI, the web page does an amazing job of giving you the best possible results of your hummed symphony. You can employ other means to identify your song to find song by humming. If you happen to be an artist, then you can make use of a flash-based piano to search for a specific song. If you aren’t sure about the exact notes, you have other means of searching at your disposal. 

There are many ways of searching for a song on Musicpedia like “Keyboard Search”, “Contour Search”, “Flash Piano”, “Rhythm Search” or “By Microphone” or “find song by humming”. Musicpedia won’t disappoint you when it comes to music search, so you trust this site with your eyes closed!

Click here to visit Musicpedia 

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6. AudioTag

audio tag
Image Credits: Online Tech Tips

Here is the audio tag to find a song by humming online. AudioTag is another one of the most frequently used web pages to search songs by humming alone. The site makes use of sophisticated technology to give you the best possible results for your searched audios. Audio search technologies like audio fingerprinting are used to recognize the uploaded audio file.

Although the UI of this melody identifier isn’t on par with Midomi, the results are definitely spot-on. However, it can be a hassle to record an audio file first and then upload it to search. But it’s a decent music discovery site keeping in mind that we don’t have many melody identifying apps or sites.

Click here to visit AudioTag

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Wrapping Up

Hum all you want, these apps will tell you all the details of the songs that you’re searching for! Apps like SoundHound, Google App, and Shazam will give the best possible results for your hummed symphonies. Moreover, you can also search by melodies alone on sites like Musicpedia, AudioTag, and Midomi.

If you want a personal opinion about what’s the best app which recognizes songs by humming, then you should go for SoundHound and even Google Search is good. Web sites like Midomi render you perfect results too. So keep humming to your favorite melodies, guy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Find A Song By Humming?

You can use Google voice search to find a song by humming. To access the Google “Hum to search” feature, jump to your Google search app and then click on the “mic or voice” icon on your search tab. Here, you can either say “What’s this song” and start humming it or you can simply click on “search for a song” and then start singing the melody. After 10-15 seconds of humming, Google will bring out the results that match best with your symphony. 

Q. Can Shazam Detect Humming?

Shazam can not detect humming. So can shazam detect humming: no, It only detects songs that are sung by artists only. Shazam can only identify playing songs and not the ones that you have hummed yourself. So this clears your doubt about can shazam recognize humming.  

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